About TerraPages HotLocality

HotLocality is a feature packed web based application component that can be used to obtain addresses which are validated against the G-NAF dataset. HotLocality is the FreeForm version of AddressHelper, this is a single field on-page that allows the entering and autocompleting of Addresses.

Besides validating addresses against the G-NAF dataset, HotLocality can:
  • Retrieve Geospatial Coordinates for an address
  • Retrieve as many or as little results as needed
  • Enable/Disable address detail elements
  • Simple altering of the layout
  • Simple website integration
  • Configure the delay before retrieving suggestions
  • Custom the style of the form
  • Display the data entered by the user in free form

There is an extensive amount of Options available to be configured for more information on the extensibility see the Options Page on the examples page.