Collecting valid addresses from consumers is crucial for many organisations and business processes, but assembling and maintaining a database of valid addresses is a challenging and expensive venture. To overcome these problems and provide a definitive national address file, PSMA developed G-NAF, a database containing all the government recognised addresses in Australia, along with their corresponding geographical positions.

TerraPages AddressHelper, HotAddress and HotLocality is intended to be an easy to use, suite of web based address selection tools used in larger web based applications that is underpinned by the G-NAF dataset. TerraPages AddressHelper & HotAddress will be valuable resources for organisations that require address validation, but cannot justify the investment of creating or maintaining their own address database.

It should be noted that G-NAF contains addresses that have a real physical location commonly referred to as street addresses; it does not contain postal addresses, although some roadside mail box and lot numbers are used in rural areas that have not yet been assigned road numbers. Additionally, G-NAF is not 100% accurate, nor does it offer 100% coverage, it is however the best possible geocoded national address dataset available and is supported by a significant commitment to ensuring that it will improve with every release.

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